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This story is full of crazy nuggets:

> Listening to arguments for four hours, the presiding judge, Peter Michaelson, reportedly sighed, cradled his head in his hands and rubbed his face as he listened to a chain of events unlikely to have much precedent in American jurisprudence.

> Wright, a 48-year-old Kroger executive, was at Shotgun Willie’s in the Denver suburb of Glendale on 2 May 2019 when he fought with another man and got into a chase through the club, BusinessDen reported. Wright died shortly after being tackled by a bartender, Derek Hendricks.

> On the night Long [the lawyer representing the strip club] died, he shared drinks and played cards with a woman employed by Shotgun Willie’s as an entertainer, according to a local CBS affiliate.

> The entertainer reportedly perceived Long to be “extremely” intoxicated. Another employee began taking him home before bringing him back, to let him sleep in his car.

>Staff members checking on Long every few minutes noticed he wasn’t breathing and called 911, the CBS affiliate reported. Paramedics brought Long to hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

> The deaths of Long, 70, and Wright have landed Shotgun Willie’s in the media spotlight about five years after it drew public ire for displaying a sign that read “Toxic Masculinity Welcome Here”.