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Guess it's just different on how people look at things. I don't see here a reason to put yourself at risk. I would fight for other things, yeah. But not this one.

Putting your own life in risk, sure. You are free to do so, but certain risks will get other people in danger that didn't ask for getting into this kind of trouble. It's just selfish. How on earth can that be okay?

Greta starting her friday for future day off from school was an inspiration. She never put someone else in risk. Putting others at risk while believing you are doing something good is just a lame excuse. Others did that in the past.


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Do you believe these things will change anything? You believe the greed of companies will be gone?

If I glue myself on a road and someone else dies like the biker in an accident a few weeks ago because the ambulance and special trucks don't have a chance to get there, is just shitty.

If I put myself in danger and force police and healthcare workers to help me like some do now in L├╝tzerath is is shitty. At least the healthcare workers have already enough shit to do.

Why not protest at the power plant? At the front door of those politicians that are part of the decision?


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>Of course nobody wants trespassers on their property, that's the whole point about protesting. It's non-violent civil disobedience to protest against something that's destroying the earth

I am tired of this argument actually. That's the same those people say what protestors say that are glueing themselves on streets.

There are way less dangerous ways to do so.

It's raining in this area for days now and the earth is pretty wet, still they are hiding in tunnels or/and getting themselves and police in danger.


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Somehow Germany dislikes nuclear plants more than coal ones.

Our energy prices are already pretty high. No need to close them right now to get the prices rising more up.

Suddenly people want to go all emissions free while others country keep fucking the climate up. This may sound like an asshole move, but I still want to be able to make a living. Companies don't give a fuck about me being able to pay my bills or give a fuck about climate change. It's about greed and the poor ones will lose. Doesn't matter which way.


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While infected!

In Germany they could get told to work as long as they don't have any symptoms (like a silent infection). As soon as they have symptoms they would have to go into isolation.

This was the rule of thumb during the big rises of covid and the big lockdowns.

During that time I worked in a pharmacy and we were allowed by law to work with an infection. Can't tell you though if anyone did.