MandBoy t1_jdq5zut wrote

Always have your things in the exact same spot.

For an example I know my work note book is in my work pants, I know I have a cable cutter, a knife, a pen and a pencil in the right work pocket.

I will always carry : a work notebook and different chargers, a wallet and keys, cut resistant gloves, the tools listed before, my work phone and my private phone and lastly a power bank.


MandBoy t1_jd6y7v4 wrote

We are using a program called Dalux at work which has plans for : Outlets, light fixtures, junction boxes, ventilation and much much more which can all be seen in 3D or as AR using your cellphone.

Sadly I only think we use it for big projects - but would be super neat if it could be simplified to such an extent that anyone was able to create and update projects no matter the size