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Germany on Wednesday shrugged off Russia’s ban on oil sales to countries and companies that comply with a price cap agreed by Western allies, saying it has “no practical significance.”

“I would not like to say that it’s irrelevant but it has no practical significance,” said an economy ministry spokeswoman, adding that Germany has been preparing since early summer to do without Russian oil.


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It’s a small step, but it could start an incredible journey.

Today, the ministerial council of the European Space Agency (ESA) said it would proceed with a feasibility study into space-based solar power (SBSP) generation.

The decision, thrashed out among ESA member-country ministers over 22-23 November in Paris, means SBSP is now formally on the ESA’s strategic agenda.

The idea is eventually to launch big solar-farm satellites into orbit around Earth so they can harvest the Sun’s energy outside Earth’s atmosphere, where it’s more intense, and beam it wirelessly to receivers on Earth.