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I am almost certain this is the same guy who was sleeping under my building's covered (but open) parking area. Def a short young guy, but his hair adds a few inches? He actually came across "friendly" to me but then followed me to my car asking for cash - literally hand on my door and super intimidating. I told him I'd get cash and come back and he backed off but one of the only times I've actually been scared living here.


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I had this done a few years ago and it was quick and simple - I used Amazon Home Services (now just furniture-install tho) - I think if you found someone on task rabbit or angi's you'd be fine with whoever's first available/cheapest. I feel like the guy who did it judged me for hiring him for something which seemed so quick and simple, but I know I would've broken something so it was worth it.


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My dental insurance covered 50% and that's about what I paid in my DC dentist office. For years, I went to a family friend's office in PG County...I ended up paying the same and waiting a lot longer for everything since they're a smaller office, so it doesn't seem like you're being overcharged.

I've had a few expensive issues in the past few years and would seriously consider medical tourism for anything more than a root canal.


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Reply to DCA past midnight by Aiorr

Yeah, sorry but I'd say you have to uber. Reserve it ahead of time just in case...this has worked in less dense areas where its harder to get a quick pickup - but I don't think the cold will lead to less drivers out on a busy weekend...


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I was always under the impression that pharmacies can't tell you whether or not they have it in stock - that is not true. Call around to CVSs/Walgreens and tell them your dose and they'll tell you if they have it. Not a quick process going through the "press 1 for blah blah, 2 for blah blah," but it's worth it if you can't get it filled.


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Agree that it's great and hasn't impacted traffic - but whatever they did while they were building this was confusing as hell. I drive up NJ often and literally couldnt figure out what lane I was supposed to be in (there were literally lines everywhere). I hope they continue doing this, and it's all good on NJ now, but considering how careless drivers can be here - they should really find a way to fine-tune the process.


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Took a half day to watch the Iran/USA game and got to our bar to find it packed with people "working from home." My resentment for people who can telework deepens.....


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I have turned against the streeteries for two reasons. 1; So many of them haven't been used since covid restrictions were lifted, and 2; they extend way further out than a normal parked car would.

I drive down O St and Maxwell Park's outdoor area (which from what I've seen has been vacant since restrictions lifted) basically makes it a one way street. Drivers here are terrible and aggressive and these unused areas seem like a recipe for side-swiping.


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Hear me out - Popeye's. I got their turkey and sides for a friendsgiving - kind of as a joke - but it was the best thanksgiving dinner I remember having (sorry, mom). It's not incredibly cheap (turkey is $50 if you pick it up from the store), but it's easy & everyone raved about it.


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Someone mentioned the only one here - but I'd def check out Swingers for mini golf...seems like a similar vibe if its a birthday thing. Top Golf in National Harbor is fun too but not super convenient.


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  1. If you're having a mole removed on anywhere visible (face/neck) or that gets stretched/rubbed (chest, in my case) go to a plastic surgeon. They take insurance - and I learned the hard way that going to a regular dermatologist can lead to scars that look much worse than an irregular pre-cancerous mole. Mole removal isn't the most complicated surgery, but a plastic surgeon knows more about minimizing scarring. Sounds like you have an existing issue - so call around and go for the first available. Any dermatologist should be able to eye something irregular and do a quick biopsy.