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Again, i included the exception of "if you need to stop quickly" or "you have shitty brakes." If you're just driving down the road, it doesn't matter if it takes longer to come to a stop, and if you are in traffic it's actually safer to not stop as quickly as possible.

And every brake system is rated to stop a car that is at full throttle. You're talking out your ass and inventing edge case scenarios to justify being oppositional to good advice.


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I think Mr. Toretto is imagining a situation where the accelerator is stuck and the brakes are failing right when he's speeding towards a cliff, instead of the much more likely situation where somebody takes their foot off the gas while driving and the pedal doesn't come up.


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How does it put people at risk? The only situation where it might increase danger is if you just happen to have a stuck accelerator at a time when you need to stop the car as quickly as possible to avoid hitting someone. What are the odds?

Edit: also, considering that 96% of people drive cars with an automatic transmission, putting it in neutral if even more pointless.


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Telling people to use the emergency brake when it's not necessary is really bad advice. It should only be used when the car is in motion if the brake pedal isn't working as it can cause you to lose control of your car.

I've been driving and working on cars for 35 years and am fairly certain you are lying about your experience based on that shitty nugget of advice alone. Why the fuck would you use the e-brake with working brakes and the car in neutral?


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Reminds me of an SF story I read. There was a colony on a planet that had earthquakes that lasted for hours that were much worse than those of Earth every few hundred years, that were going to destroy everything. Almost all the colonists have fled the planet but the main character decided he's not going to leave his home. He flies all over the planet in his flying car in the last days before the quakes visiting all the places he had lived and had important memories at, and then waited for the end to come.

I thought he was stupid. He had a flying car that could stay aloft for hours. All he had to do was hover until the quakes were over. Birds have the right idea.


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Red dwarfs are redder than our sun, but they aren't really a color anyone would describe as red. Their surface temperatures are around the same as the filament of an incandescent lightbulb or hotter, which means it would be about the same color as an old fashioned light bulb.


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Three large pork steaks, three pounds of ground beef, 2 pounds of breaded butterfly shrimp, 12 oz breakfast sausage, 54oz of pre cooked hot links, a large frozen pizza, 2 frozen lasagnes that are 4 servings each - that should last a family of four more than a couple of days. I'm in a household of 2 and this should keep us from making more than small shopping trips for over a week.


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I make a little over $20 an hour, and that's probably all the shopping I will do for about 10 days. I do have some staples at home already from previous shopping trips, and I'll probably have to buy milk and cheese again before I run out of pork, ground beef, shrimp, sausages, and frozen dinners.

There's a lot that can't be seen (like 3 pounds of ground beef and some frozen lasagnes). I posted a receipt in another response to this post with a breakdown of the more expensive items.