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> all the privileges

Ah yes. Like 80% of suicides, 99% of war related deaths, a lower life expectancy by several years, 92% of children ending up with their mothers after divorce, sexual harassment against men is being taken as a joke or even a favorable outcome, in quite a lot of countries men can't be raped in a legal sense because it's defined as forcefully inserting something in the other person's body, women's day being a celebration all over the world while men's day doesn't even warrant a doodle on the Google home page, quotas sometimes causing the selection of less talented women over more talented men, 2000+ centers for female SA victims with only a single one for men, women getting shorter sentences for the same crimes...

There is no doubt society is in many occasions uneven and unfair and that there still is a way to go. But don't pretend men have it all


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Fun fact, these are Elon's thoughts about who should call themselves a co-founder:

> I believe that the title of founder is critically important and morally requires that you are physically engaged in doing the really hard founding work involved in the very important early founding months/years of the company. I wasn’t there and I didn’t do that hard work at/for Solar City, so it’s not ethical that I refer to myself as a Solar City Founder or co-Founder”.

Assuming the same applies to Tesla, Musk shouldn't call himself any kind of founder. Especially not without a physics degree.


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Correction: Elon Musk is not the co-founder of Tesla.

> In a last minute twist [during the first fundraising period], he legally attacked the company and sued Eberhard, Tarpenning [the two actual Founders] and Tesla Motors Inc. Demanding that he be allowed to call himself a Founder.


Edit: just realized that you probably visualized the same thing (Tesla being in the bought a start-up part and SpaceX being in the co-founded part). In that case, ignore what I said above.