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Fuck it, I asked an AI for alternative names.

>Renaming Tesla's Full Self Driving Capability (FSDC) requires finding a name that accurately reflects the current capabilities of the technology and helps avoid confusion or misleading expectations among consumers.

Here are some suggestions for renaming FSDC:

Tesla Navigate: This name could reflect the technology's ability to navigate and guide drivers on their journey.

Tesla AutoPilot Pro: This name builds upon Tesla's existing Autopilot technology and emphasizes the enhanced capabilities of the Full Self Driving Capability.

Tesla DriveAssist: This name could reflect the technology's ability to assist drivers while driving, emphasizing that it is not a fully autonomous system.

Tesla SafeDrive: This name emphasizes the safety features of the technology and its ability to enhance the safety of drivers and passengers.

Tesla IntelligentDrive: This name could reflect the technology's ability to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the driving experience.

Tesla SmartDrive: This name emphasizes the technology's intelligence and its ability to assist drivers in making smart driving decisions.

Tesla ProDrive: This name could reflect the technology's professional-grade capabilities, emphasizing its ability to provide a professional-level driving experience.

Tesla Autodrive: This name emphasizes the technology's ability to drive autonomously, while also being short, memorable, and easy to associate with Tesla.

Tesla IntelliDrive: This name highlights the technology's advanced intelligence and machine learning capabilities, making it stand out from other self-driving systems.

Tesla HyperDrive: This name is attention-grabbing and suggests a high level of performance, which can help create excitement and interest in the technology.

Tesla ProPilot: This name builds on Tesla's existing Autopilot system and emphasizes the technology's professional-grade capabilities.

Tesla RoadMaster: This name suggests a mastery of the road and emphasizes the technology's ability to provide a superior driving experience.

Tesla DrivePro: This name is straightforward and easy to remember, emphasizing the technology's professional-level driving assistance features.

Tesla SureDrive: This name highlights the technology's safety features, suggesting that customers can feel confident and secure when using it.

Tesla DriveMate: This name implies a friendly and trustworthy assistant that helps drivers reach their destination safely.

Tesla AutoGuide: This name suggests an intelligent and reliable system that guides drivers along their journey.

Tesla RoadSense: This name emphasizes the technology's ability to sense and adapt to the road environment, making it a smart choice for safety-conscious customers.

Tesla SmartRide: This name implies a comfortable and intuitive driving experience, highlighting the technology's advanced features.

Tesla CruiseMate: This name suggests a smooth and enjoyable driving experience, with the technology acting as a helpful co-pilot.

Tesla DriveEase: This name emphasizes the technology's ability to make driving easier and less stressful for drivers, reducing the risk of accidents.

Tesla GlideDrive: This name implies a smooth and effortless driving experience, with the technology providing a seamless ride.


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As a M3 owner with FSDC but no access to the beta; agrees Advanced Autopilot, or Copilot is the best description they could offer. Still probably worth the money given what it can and can't do.

They definitely trapped themselves with an "overpromise but underdeliver" situation; despite rolling billions into R&D, the best they can hope for is "safer than the average driver", which is not good enough for regulators, therefore the general public to trust.

I think with "Advanced Autopilot" they could have dodged much of the negative press, and publicised a "roadmap to FSD" as part of the advertisements; they'd be in the clear with the language, probably still behind schedule, but have much better consumer and regulatory confidence.


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Subtractively further: think of all the time and fuel saved by not moving paint around, or having to make the paint in the first place. The war machine can become unnervingly efficient when it needs to.