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It's not nepotism. Nepotism is showing favor to friends or family where they are treated differently then everyone else. Since this change effects everyone it's not nepotism.

This is just corruption. He is using his position of power to change the rules so that a family member is saved from some embarrassment. Just because it saves some other people doesn't change it though.


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There's no such thing as a power plant or substation that powers just industrial or just civilian. Everything is so mixed together now that to knock out the power for a long period to a place that builds bombs will cut power to 50k homes.

Knocking it smaller infrastructure nearer to the plant could do it, but that stuffs also far easier to bypass or replace. Knocking out an actual power plant can't be fixed right away.


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Or because state property is state property. Just because someone isn't actively using something doesn't mean it's now free for everyone else to just take.

The shipwreck could last decades(theres a sailboat shipwreck near where i live and its been there longer than ive been alive. No active preservation is going on with it)or even longer if just left alone, allowing many people to visit it and see it. If people start to take it apart piece by piece than soon no one will be able to see it.


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im a welder, so theres always work for our trade and right now not enough workers. i gave my boss about 8 months notice for this trip and told him its my bucket list trip and it has to happen now and if they cant approve my time off with that much notice than ill just quit and go anyways.

i now have 6 months until i leave again at the beginning of april for the rest of Canada. 6 month long roadtrip hitting all the remaining provinces doing every national park you can get to by road and every capital city.


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i wish i had taken another month off of work, the trip at points felt rushed and i had to skip out on a few things that i now wish i hadnt. i changed 5 peoples flats, so thats what i attribute my good luck of not having a single flat and not a single chip in my windshield the entire time. i bombed up the dempster, 3 days from tombstone up to Tuk and back.

i need to go back for nahanni NP, and i want to kayak out to lake clark and katmai NPs from Homer, AK.


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Go to moraine lake instead, after about 20 minutes of hiking you leave behind about 90% of the tourists. After about a hour you are left with only a handful of people who like you want to enjoy the peace more than taking pictures.

Sentinel pass is perhaps my favorite hike in all 4 of the rocky mountain national parks.

edit: stanley glacier in kootney NP is also a great hike thats not difficult but has awesome views + waterfalls you can actually get underneath and a glacier you can touch if you go all the way + a bit farther.


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Go to whitehorse. Yellowknife is pretty boring. Also whitehorse has kluane national park which is pretty amazing itself.

I just got back from an alaska, yukon, nwt roadtrip starting from Vancouver. 2 months living out of my tacoma camper, 7 national parks, probably 15+ territorial/state/provincial parks, 2 territorial capitals, 1 state capital, taking the Dempster to the arctic ocean, walked under 3 glaciers, saw the aurora borealis, and it cost me just $9k.

Edit: $9000 Canadian or about $6500USD.