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One would think the party that routinely dry humps the Constitution in performative acts would be all in on expanding the single most important right enshrined in it. One would think that, if one was not from the planet Earth in the year 2023. I do think it is good that their true motivations, blocking and diminishing people's right to vote is being exposed and the reasons for it.


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That’s another thing that annoys me, how America fetishes the military. Military grade this or that, like if you knew how often military gear breaks down that would not be a selling point,. Or all the dudes with the high and tight with beards and wrap around shades wearing a ‘this I’ll defend’ GoRuck tee with the American flag on the sleeve, the irony being they never served. Or all the SealTeam Six type tv shows.

I think serving is great, I am also pointedly aware that that doesn’t make you a great human being. I served with some awesome people that had a huge impact on me, also served with some low lifes I wouldn’t acknowledge knowing. The military is just a crosscut of America, good, bad and ugly.


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I think what helped me was traveling outside America after college and not the get high in youth hostels in Europe travel but some hardcore hiking in the Sahel in Mali, in Amazonian Peru, hopping around the Leeward Islands. Meeting people in abject poverty and they being friendly and kind for the most part made a huge impression on me.

Kind of made me see how you should judge people on their character and not skin color or who they love. Character matters, in fact, to me it is all that matters, we’ve seemed to have lost an appreciation for that value.


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First off, don't diminish your service, you put yourself out there when most others will not, whether that was to HALO jump into an al Queda compound or repairing vital equipment, it was all important.

Secondly, I hear you on that. I hate when people thank me for my service. Most times it the equivalent of saying 'god bless you' when someone sneezes, like they feel they have to, its a platitude now. I get a lot of people are just trying to be nice but it does make most veterans feel uncomfortable. And yeah, there are a ton of people in our society doing vital things that don't get the recognition they deserve. My wife worked as an ER nurse, while pregnant with twins, while getting her masters at night. That is hardcore.


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&gt;I would say, even more specifically than this, is that the American social arrangement literally contained the idea that even if you were the most downtrodden dirt farmer white, you were still de facto better than the queers, jews, blacks, mexicans, etc.<

I think that has been pretty apparent since Obama was elected. I think the wealthier end of the neo-confederate spectrum came to the happy conclusion that they could make a lot of cash off of fueling that poorer end anger, by direct donations and by running on a platform as such and legislating shit like tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulating business to lower cost regardless of the danger in doing so.


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Wizened GenXer here and let me tell you my generation sucks and is an embarrassment. But to the point of your first sentence here's an anecdotal story about that.
I'm ex-military, was a paratrooper and then was attached to JSOC, spent time running with 7th SFG way back when. To be clear, I wasn't SF, I just happened to do early generation field sat phones (yes, as fucking heavy as you are imagining) and they were like, ooh, we can do comm links from anywhere in the world. We're taking your guys until we get our own. Also, for the purposes of this story, I was in a fraternity in college.

Anyway, fast forward to me in circa 2015, 4 kids now, coach in lacrosse, soccer, community activist. Daughter is playing travel lacrosse. There's this one family, kind of anti-social keep to themselves type, well, the parents are, kids were nice. Anyway, they are pre-MAGA Tea Party nut jobs. And the dad latches on to me cause word spread of my military service and he was also in a fraternity. On paper I am a right wingers wet dream. Except I am a pretty easy going left leaning type, big Teddy Roosevelt fan, very anti-religion, a weird blend of Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine. Like I am a big fan of capitalism, with regulations, big fan of freedom, with responsibility, big fan of discrimination, but on people's character, not demographics, big fan of what we do for the least amongst us is more important than what we do for the most entitled and so on.

We're at a tournament one day and with travel teams you have multiple teams designated by age, so my daughter was I think 5th/6th grade at the time. And the start of these things can be clusterfucks. Like 15 fields, 40 or so teams, poor signage, especially if you're new to the whole thing. I see this family with their daughter and she's in our program but probably a 3rd grader. So the MAGAs have camped next to us and I don't care, I'll talk to anybody and we know enough to navigate the conversation towards kid's sports and a few other safe topics.

I see this other lost family so I walk over to see if I can help them and then we chat for a bit, they were at the completely wrong end of the tournament. I walk back and the dude says to me, 'You're so politically correct...' and I was like, 'What?' and then it dawned on me, the lost family was black. I just gave him a 'you're a dick look' and we picked our shit up and went over and hung out with the rest of the team families and had a grand ole time.

He was always complaining to me about how this country was heading in the wrong direction (remember this is like 2013-2014 and I remember asking how and he would say stuff like 'free speech man, you can't say anything in this country anymore without getting in trouble' and stuff like that. I realized what these fucks are angry about is that they can't make fun or belittle minorities, or gay people, or women, without suffering consequences for it and it really pisses them off.