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Thank you for your courage.

> I’m genuinely confused on why people like these kinds of movies, when there’s more upbeat inspiring movie flicks... Honestly movies in my opinion should have a positive influence on people, they should really inspire people to chase after their dreams and to be hopeful.


> The world honestly isn’t a bad place.



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I find it ironic you list your art-house bona-fides in an attempt to bolster your credibility, then instead of offering what might resemble an actual argument, you just whine a lot.

> Do yourselves a favor and watch either John Cassavetes' OPENING NIGHT or Emmanuelle Bercot's BACKSTAGE.

Seen those, and I love Tar as well. Funny how that works.


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I doubt it.

BYT evolved from a specific group of Xennials hanging out on 14th Street and Adams Morgan in the early/mid-2000s. The whole point was the parties looked hip and exclusive, so when you got your picture taken and posted on the site the following Monday or whatever, it was exciting (crucially, this was also before smartphones).

Nowadays folks are posting FROM the events as they're happening, which effectively decentralized this kind of FOMO content on TikTok or whatever.