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For what? A Windows 7 VM on one of my more modern PCs would still have problems logging into Steam after the end of this year. A Windows 10 VM on Windows 7 would be worse than using Windows 10 natively on one of my other PCs.

I don't get your comment.


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There are, for example GTA 1 and 2 work just fine on Windows 7 but won't run on Windows 10, I have them both on Steam and while i wouldn't say I play them much (usually loading them up to remind myself how far we've come) it is a difference. I am sure other games have similar problems but most of my old games are on my GOG account and they do things differently.


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There's tons of differences. There's plenty of games that run fine on Windows 7 that won't run on Windows 10. I have a Windows 7 laptop for older games purely because Windows 10 isn't suitable for all the games I play. Windows 7 also supports SecuROM which isn't supported in Windows 10 at all so older disc based games that won't run on Windows 10 will also run on my "gaming" laptop.

Windows 7 also has a different Samba version and can connect to XP machines for file sharing which Windows 10 can't do. In fact there's lots of differences I can list, the differences are far from cosmetic.


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And? When i was 8 i loved Gary Glitter and relished in 70s glam and rock bands until i discovered Iron Maiden at 17 in 2003. It's not lame to be unlike other people, the only lame people are those that can't accept you're a bit different.

I still listen to glam bands though, my favourite it's Sweet but you'll also find me listening to Cradle of Filth and Chuck Berry too.


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No. They should stop remaking certain games that don't need it but generally there's at least 20 games that need a remake. All the SSI games from the 1980s, all the Origin RPGs, Nightmare Creatures 1&2, all the Syphon Filter games, GTA VCS and LCS would benefit from an updated PC port, all the WW2 era Medal of Honour games and I'm sure i could think of more without trouble.


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What do you mean "it doesn't fit your personality"? Music taste shouldn't define a person, i have few metalhead friends that don't adhere to the stereotype of a a bit thick, beer swilling rednecks. I with in a kitchen but I've got mates who work in magazine publishing, libraries and many dress in non-stereotypical clothing. I'm currently wearing all black but it's standard jeans and a plain jumper, i could pass for a Jazz fan as much as a metalhead.


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It's entirely possible to fail after selling out because it's very easy to lose your existing fan base and not gain new fans.

Plenty of UK pubs are closing because they modernise and lose their clientele who came in daily drinking a pint an hour for most of the day and only attracting a handful of new customers who mostly only come in at the weekend.

Personally i feel Linkin Park sold out when they rerecorded an album with a rapper which was clearly designed to get people to end up with two versions of one album for very little effort.

As for bands that haven't sold out but have evolved is Iron Maiden, most evident by the fact they didn't go alternative or nu-metal in the 90s like many of their contemporaries. They've gone from essentially Heavy Budgie, to having a style all their own then having a hiatus from Bruce Dickinson with again a very unique sound with Blaze Bayley then having a rebirth with Bruce again and they've basically gone prog and all eras are fine by me.


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Coldplay is a proper noun, it should be capitalised. The drummers name is Joey Jordison. Mushroomhead is a proper noun and should be capitalised. Mike Portnoy has played in:

Liquid Tension



Flying Colors

The Winery Dogs

Metal Allegiance

Sons of Apollo


Dream Theater


Cygnus and the Sea Monsters

Yellow Matter Custard

Avenged Sevenfold

Adrenaline Mob

So you're wrong there too.

>Ill donate my eyes when you donate your brain because unlike my eyes you ain't using it

Do you mean "I'll" as in the contraction for "I will"? If so you've missed an apostrophe and there really should be a full stop at the end of that sentence.

This, by the way, is really basic grammar that anyone 12 years old and a native English speaker should know. Either you're as educated as an under-12, are under-12 or only capable of learning to that level. Either way you really shouldn't be accusing others of a lack of cognitive ability. Anyway that's it, if you think a 4/4 drummer like Joey Jordison is better than any other 4/4 drummer then you're really not well educated when it comes to music.


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Clearly you weren't paying attention when it was all over the news that Coldplay were doing that Jordan gig, it was hard to ignore and framed as a good thing (though some real journalists did question the hypocrisy of flying the band and crew out to Jordan just to highlight the fact).

AFI totally sold out and i saw them live a few years ago and everything was post - Girl's Not Grey, they'd gone full emo and ignored anything before then even though I'd only stopped at the stage to hear earlier stuff live. There's plenty of bands that have changed their style that will play their earlier music too because they haven't sold out, they've evolved and embrace their entire back catalogue.

Slipknot are exactly what they are portrayed to be, without the masks and stage setup they'd be barely anything, their drummer is hardly the best drummer in the world. Clearly you need to see Mike Portnoy, Johanne James, Nicko McBrain or pretty much any other drummer in that realm to be honest.

As for "murder simulator" that's the term the likes of Jack Thompson use but he, and groups that protest each GTA game launch, have all been led on by Max Clifford's PR company, he's said so, Rockstar have said so, they paid for the campaign, it worked and it's still working. As they say there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Clearly though you don't peek behind the curtain much to see what is behind a certain story or feature, you should as Sick Of It All said "scratch the surface, serve a purpose", or don't, you could just donate your eyes to science instead.


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>What publicity stunts and relationships have Coldplay done?

Travelling to Jordan to put on a special concert to highlight his their next tour will be carbon neutral comes to mind. All the hallmarks of a PR fluff piece plastered as a good thing by the press.

Chris Martin was (is?) Married to Gwyneth Paltrow which is pretty much guaranteed to keep you in the public eye.

AFI went Emo when Emo was clearly becoming a huge deal, that's selling out, they changed their style to what was clearly going to make them bags of cash. I was sort of on board with emo as i inbred Brand New and was willing to check other bands out, I'd already heard of AFI, that they'd been around a whole but we're just taking off and i heard Girls Not Grey and was unimpressed, it was a couple of years later that i bought a compilation called Punkzilla and heard what AFI used to be like and was impressed. I really liked their earlier style.

As for Slipknot they are all about the marketing and PR guff. Take GTA, GTA is in the public consciousness as the controversial murder simulator because of a campaign by Max Clifford paid for by DMA (later named Rockstar) and they still keep up this façade via PR stunts designed to keep that crown. Slipknot are the same, they are THE band people know about, this isn't by accident, Roadrunner know exactly what they are doing, keeping Slipknot as the demonic, ugly face of metal which is why your grandmother had heard of them and not Mushroomhead.


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Nope. Unless it's basic music by people with a grade 3 and mimed by someone conventionally attractive who's mostly interested in how they can choreograph a dance to it then you really need to ensure you have a day job.

You might gain moderate success with a huge record label and a good PR team but got that you need a gimmick, Slipknot have masks for example. They aren't musically amazing but without the masks they'd be lost in a sea of nu-metal. Coldplay are utterly dull but their various publicity stunts and high profile relationships have kept them in the public consciousness.

There's plenty of great bands on the scrapheap of history from Budgie to Anvil. It's not completely hopeless though, plenty of bands have been around for years before getting successful and not all of them are sell outs like AFI.


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The Amstrad Mega PC was a pile of shit though, it was just an underpowered, overpriced PC with a Mega Drive attached with no functionality between the two. It was cheaper at the time to buy a Mega Drive (4 years old at this point) and a better PC than it was to buy the Amstrad. The Sega Teradrive released in Japan was a much better Mega Drive/PC hybrid with a way to program games on the PC and test them on the Mega Drive.


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I used to have one with windows shortcuts on it, i I've about stuff love Windows+R, Windows+D and Windows+E long before Microsoft made a big thing about it when Windows 8 came out with TIFKAM.


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Every pair of Bluetooth headphones I've owned come with a cable in case the battery goes flat. My current pair are may by AKG and the model is 500. The battery life is good and they last around 30hrs on a full charge.


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It could be that you need to try a different genre or just widen your scope. II grew up in the 90s and music was utterly shit back then, I used to listen to indie and Britpop but i'd heard better stuff from the 70s so I knew it could be done and I lamented that there really should be contemporary 70s style bands. By 2000 I was so disillusioned I felt like completely giving up on music as I felt that nothing of substance was created after about 1985.

In 2003 I discovered Iron Maiden, I realised the stuff I used to like was bloody awful in comparison and not only did they feel like what I was looking for thy were better, much better, than I was looking for.

Now I listen to a wide range of music from Chuck Berry to Watain, I listen to metal, prog, punk, glam rock and loads of other stuff. I have a passion for music, i go to music festivals for my holidays and I see live bands on a regular basis (most recently Venomous Rose and Stop Stop).

So check out some new bands, go to a local venue and see some live music, maybe you'll find something that reignites your interest.


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The Earth is the centre of the universe though, it's not the centre of the solar system as once thought. The universe expanded from all points equally and in all directions, from any perspective in the universe the centre is that point. You, me, anyone, the sun, the moon, whatever they are all the centre of the universe.


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Wombat poo is cubic, salt crystals are cubic, iron pyrities likes to get cubic as does bismuth, and it seems nature really likes cubes but to be pedantic OP was on about squares which are 2D geometric shapes not 3D like cubes. 2D objects don't exist to our knowledge though one could argue the shadow of a salt crystal is 2D and therefore a square.