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I have been a northsider pretty much my whole life but I live in the suburbs out north of I-44 so does that really count? Don’t know many who actually live south of I-44. There are some rough neighborhoods and yeah the E Kearney Walmart I’ve heard the same things. Living out north in the suburbs isn’t bad at all though. Hillcrest just finished their renovation and it’s beautiful. Traffic isn’t bad out there. Easy drive downtown. Anything south side is 20 minutes away but really I sometimes go more than a week without driving to south side.


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Yeah I get it but they do feed you and the food both times has been really good. And they give you two free beers. So really the $20 is worth it and it’s hosted by Kyle and Lauryl who used to do the trivia at Patton Alley. And if you like what NPR does then the money is for a good cause.


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Ever since Trivia Binge stopped at Patton Alley we’ve been itching to find a new one. Sounds like we should try Finnegan’s wake. We have played the KSMU Trivia fundraiser at BrewCo a couple times but it’s only every couple months.


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I had AT&T internet and they put Quantum in our neighborhood and we switched. Our speed is literally 10 times faster for only $10 more a month. We’ve had it for over a year now and it’s been incredibly reliable. I would definitely recommend it.


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Being a northsider, we always went to this theater. Loved that it was never busy, but yeah I’m sure that led to its demise. The trend is towards theaters more like Alamo but I don’t need all those real food options. Just give me the popcorn. They did build this theater before theaters started putting in the reclining seats and Regal never updated the seats. That didn’t help.


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Same here. Had it for a year and it was the first time that we’ve had internet drop out. It happened 2 or 3 times that I’m aware of yesterday. Overall been very happy with the service.


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I’ve always had good experiences flying into and out of SGF on airlines. But that was a huge winter storm that affected a large portion of the US and you get a cascading effect of cancelations and delays even if the weather is ok a day later. I’m sorry you have had a difficult journey.


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We’ve had it for a year now and it’s so much better than the AT&T DSL we had before. It’s about 10 times as fast and only $5 or $10 more a month. I think we pay $65. I’ve also not had to deal with customer service as I’ve not had any issues with the service where I’d need to contact them. I would highly recommend it.