Marvele10 t1_j0tuu12 wrote

>This introduces the dichotomy between isolation and cooperation. Morale is driven down when people see the world around them is failing them. This perception causes isolation. People become bitter, resentful, and individualistic.

Nailed it. It's what's happening to me right now, I used to be social and positive and now as I'm getting older and more independent but at the same time struggling more and becoming more aware of society, I have lost all interest in socializing because I genuinely don't trust most people now. Barely leave the house and when I do I feel like I'm among a horde of selfish zombies.

This post is too based as it looks at the biggest picture of all which most people have trouble getting, so don't be surprised if you get tons of nitpicking comments filled with fallacies and pedantism, getting lost in specifications while still failing to see the bigger picture.

We are living in the emotional dark ages, the world we've created out of greed does not do well to humans or Earth in the long run. Our very nature is being hacked for profit (social media being the great latest factor). People are still very much asleep and keep looking at the wrong root cause of things, putting simple band aids on things where surgery is needed.