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I just got COVID for the first time in February, and I'm fully vaxxed/boosted. The same week I got it, my buddy and his brother also got it for the first time (both vaxxed/boosted). And we live in three different places. Seems like there is a crazy-transmissible variant out there.

Also, a nurse told me I might have gotten it because my last booster was almost six months old at the time. She said I should go get a new one and I'll be better protected. And I will, because COVID sucked. I still can't wear contact lenses because of whatever it did to my eyes.


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As a woman, I couldn't agree more. I mean, what could possibly happen? I sit outside topless with open shopping bags full of cash all night every night in Portland, because fuck fear! To me, it's not a real Friday night til I've licked Fentanyl dust off every surface in Bayside. Am I intimidated? FUCK NO. I do Rolling Yoga every Sunday morning in Deering Oaks Park. Rock on, OP! With you all the way and shaming people just makes it more fun.


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Very true. Another reason it's important to educate yourself with legitimate sources (i.e., not YouTube conspiracy channels or your drunk uncle on FB). Also, the city I live in has a million ballot questions this time, many of which are quite complicated.


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Agreed. Also, please (!!!) educate yourself before you vote. Not on YouTube or fringe sites, but sources with credibility. Learn about the issues and then vote based on that. It doesn't take that long.


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A friend of mine was walking his dog and it got attacked by a pit bull. He had to go through the court system and was finally awarded repayment by the pittie owner for the thousands in vet bills he spent. Sadly, and this is likely the case with your neighbor, that weirdo had no money and my buddy only ever got like $50 repaid.

I'd call the cops every time anyway.