Mary_Pick_A_Ford t1_j3fate5 wrote

This looks like a great wheelchair but I want to remind everyone that not everybody has the ability to move their legs and get up easily like this guy. They need to test this on people who rely on wheelchairs and walkers and not people who don't need them. My mom suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and had legs that were pretty useless towards the end, this probably wouldn't have been a good fit for her but perhaps during the earlier stages of her MS, she would have loved it.


Mary_Pick_A_Ford t1_j14x6qg wrote

Dude, this just made me freak out. So some giant things could someday just discover us and be like ohhh look at this speck of weird stuff that has its own world and community, let’s put them under a microscope and see what’s there. They scrape us out of existence and carry us in a vile to some lab where a giant eyeball 👁️ is now observing us


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The only thing I know about Yellowstone is that racist conservative white boomers love it. I pretty much avoid anything that attracts that demographic because it’s very likely that I won’t like it myself.