Marzonick_141 t1_jd6x38a wrote

Once researched and developed, how much are they going to inflate the price of the this pill? Big Pharma is about to gain another trillion, all while the people who need it go on generational debt to pay off medical bills. I'd rather die than pass down debt to my children. A more heroic act than finding the cure for cancer and charing an impossible bill to pay in one lifetime.


Marzonick_141 t1_jd11ruo wrote

The stigma around weed has ruined the relationship of millions of youths and their parents because of the lie they were told by the government and religion. I will never get back the years I spent away from my parents because they're religious fruitcakes that think weed is car-fentynal and heroin. The fights I had with my parents over fucking weed and cigarettes. It was like I committed murder. I don't know what was more toxic; the carcinogens I inhaled or my parents wrath over a recreational substance. Fuck Nixon, and fuck Reagan for pushing crack in poor neighborhoods and putting weed next to heroin on a scale of illegality. They should've been the ones to get capped, not JFK.