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It takes GPT the same amount time to do anything, and since it’s impossible to multiple say “18837678995747 x 29747778847678877” in the same amount of time as “2 x 2” due to the fact that it’s more complicated, we can confidently say that GPT will never be able to do math since it means that every hard problems out there is as easy as the easy ones.


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Aging allows such vulnerability to take place. A person getting stabbed and you’re so adamant in removing the knife as opposed to the murderer. Aging is not like puberty, puberty is by design and aging is part of nature’s limitation. Playing the semantic game as opposed to looking at the functional relation between objects is just stupid. Whether we categorize it as a disease or not is not important, the fact remains that people are better off without it and it’s the shortest and the most straightforward solution to longevity. You’re not very bright are you.


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To train a model, it requires a lot and a lot of parallel computing, this means that each operation is very simple and disjoint from one another but the shear volume of computation needed is too expensive for the current hardware. Quantum computer can use superposition to concurrently compute every operations at the same time without needing any extra cores. This is extremely valueable as training will now only takes seconds as opposed to days and the cost will be around 10$ as opposed to thousands of dollars.

This is from my own understanding so it might be incorrect to some extent.