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No, because they are greedy (they also have good relations, but one thing breeds the other and it becomes circular logic). If you want to buy shit from Europe, for example, you would consider arming them with weapons (if there is any threat whatsoever). Cos you know, the best deterrent from war is having nukes and a standing army powerful enough so it isn't "worth it" to attack to gain an economical benefit. People rarely do good things' cos they themselves are good (although it happens obv), instead they do it cos it's worth it (or perceived to be worth it anyway).
Also, human motivations are complex, so US could be "partly" doing it believing it is ultimately the right thing to do, is it 0.0001% of motivation or 40%,who the fuck knows(probably mainly greed though).


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Harassing Russians in mass in Ukraine is practically impossible cos we are so alike. As other said,the only way to see the Russians among Ukrainians is generally when they are exceptionally patriotic. Which by general Russian logic would make them nazis, cos their logic sees no difference between patriotism/nationalism/nazism. And then the well known “Russians cannot be nazis” comes in, which is ironically a statement of superiority, which proves that,again, such Russians have no clue what actual Nazism is, and that they have this problem at scale.

"cares that russians in ukraine are being harrased"

What kind of Russians? The ultrapatriotic ones? My first paragraph should tell you enough on my stance on them. And about the others, we treat them like we treat Ukrainians, cos we don't give a fuck (ok that might get worse a bit cos of war but oh well). The only actor who has an actual tendency to harras/disregard/unjustly persecute/outright kill for political reasons Russians is Russian govt and your own ultrapatriots. And when you command "attack" to your "ultrapatriots" and outright Nazis to attack on Ukraine,ofc you will get results like Bucha, it is expected, really.

The only real big differences between Russian nazism and German one-

  1. You figured out that calling everyone else a Nazi works wonders.

2.And you traded racial superiority for a kind of cultural one. That's it, that's how short the list is,everything else like hate on the pacifists, secret police, superiority complex(even if a slightly different one), intense propaganda and everything else is exactly the same. If you want links, just say to what and I will find them.


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Krasovsky,the dude who talked about drowning Ukrainian babies was one of the first gays to publicly come out in times when Russia was pretty conservative(in that regard anyway) even in the big cities,and obv in the media. Also, before talking about drowning Ukrainian children he talked about similar stuff about Ukrainians in general, which got no big reaction from his audience.