MasterDave t1_j8tl36r wrote

The best/worst thing is world of warcraft where if you know what you're doing you can essentially play for free.

or something else that has a long dynamically generated campaign type experience. I could probably buy one Football Manager game and play for 5-6 years without needing to buy anything else if it came to it, same as I can pay for my WoW subscription for zero dollars through WoW tokens.

And presumably you can play games on the laptop you have for school if you got something decent before moving to NY for school. It's not like you consider the things you own to be part of your monthly expenses unless you just live life on credit.


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Or a wreck on the GSP, or construction, or you hit a pothole going 95 and completely fuck your car. Or you get robbed at a gas station at 2am on the way back.

If you’re always looking for the worst you can find it.

Transit over driving is more awesome more of the time guaranteed. Plus there’s a bonus chance of dying a lot less than people who drive everywhere all the time, statistically at least.


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I think people are -already- dying because of this. This isn't a new concern, hospitals have been understaffed for the last 2 years minimum, even longer in reality.

Most of the time nobody gives a shit since it's just been old people that have been the majority of the corpses and we've decided as a society that "fuck old people" is just fine in the last couple years. A nurse shortage and now a nurse outage has pretty clear implications with regards to responding to acute problems in a hospital, not to mention the inability to properly diagnose new patients.

Doctors are good and all, but the nurse is the first line of defense and gets paid fuck all for doing it. The doctors just come in, read the nurse's notes and do their best most of the time. Bad info in, bad treatment out.


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everyone's about to fuck around and find out.

Sure wish the directors could be held directly responsible for anyone who dies due to a lack of nurses available. It would be nice to see them have some prision time in their endless quest for profits in the healthcare system.

Just fucking hire more nurses, pay them better and treat them with respect. It ain't fucking hard.


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It costs over a million dollars just in fees to get started, how do you expect someone with oh let's say any amount of jail time in their entire life to qualify for a loan for any of that (not to mention how much it costs to get a storefront, and either grow or buy inventory)?

The idea that your local weed guy could suddenly come up with a business plan and get a store going just from the money they didn't save up from selling weed for a decade was always a myth. It was never set up for that person to succeed and never will be.