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It doesn't quite work here because of various factors both economical and social.

For start, insurance. Most insurance companies will drop you if they find out your car is participating in car sharing. Then there is the push back and problem you'll deal with the car sharing company and how likely they'll cover damages.

If the renter hits another car, then it's going to be a huge headache for the owner. Let's not forget, they'll also be out of a car for months.

Then there is an issue of cleanliness. It's time consuming and costly to clean a car. Who's paying for that? It only takes one person to cost you hundreds and possibly a whole day of work to clean up a car.

People here in NYC treat most of the city like trash. So I don't expect them to treat someone else's car better.

Overall, it's expensive and not very beneficial to share your car in the US. If you push the risk/cost to the renter, then they won't see the value of renting from a car share. If car share is only slightly lower than car rental with more restrictions/fees, then it's the same situation like with airbnb vs hotel.

If we're talking about something like zip car, right now they cost a fortune to rent for a weekend and are dirty af. You're generally better off doing a car rental. Most of the time, it can easily come out to $300-$400 to rent for a popular weekend.

At one point I've calculated the cost, and as well as other people I know, it's much cheaper (and less headache) to own a car especially once you start factoring in SO/family and if you drive at least once or twice a month.


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If you're already accepted and going to a college, no. If really won't make a difference now. I think it only made a difference for a few regarding honor programs for CUNY but it has been a while.

I think AP classes were more valuable and get you a better leg up in college. Back then, before you can get to the AP classes, you generally had to finish a bunch of prerequisites which pretty much means you were at least 95% there at getting the advanced Regents diploma.


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NYC is good compared to the rest of the US but once you start traveling in other countries, there are plenty that makes you quickly realize how insanely inefficient and run down our subway system is. It feels like it's being held together by duck tape and paper clip.

I also wish the US isn't so obsessed with giant cars and trucks. Even though some countries have plenty of cars but since the average car is about as big as a mini, traffic and parking seems more manageable.


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There is nothing the city nor law enforcement can do. This is more of a civil matter and will be something you need to work out between landlord, neighbor, and you. You can take legal action to get out of the lease since you're not getting the driveway.

But it's going to probably cost you more money and trouble than it is to wait until your lease ends and move.