MasterKaein t1_j3ssjvb wrote

Because the Chinese will launch massive rockets the weight of a building up in space and leave them without any plans for their fall, whereas the US sends a satellite that weighs about the same as a truck and catches the thruster rocket in the ocean safely.

The satellite will most likely burn up on re-entry, leaving only tiny fragments if anything that touches the ground. The rocket will not, and will crash and leave a crater somewhere.

That's the difference.


MasterKaein t1_j27iagx wrote

Yeah because the effect of time would be dilated. Think about this. You are driving in a straight line but suddenly your leg gets dilated significantly into the past while the rest of you accelerates into the future.

What do you think will happen to your leg? There's no forces exerting on it because it's the same force, the motion of the car going forward. But yet if the leg was in the past and the rest of you in the future it would be as if it were sheared off because it wouldn't share the same momentum you share due to the shift in its own relative time.