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Regulations are written in blood.

When you don't get a permit you own ALL the risk of the work. Redoing the facade requires a permit because most brick is structural. You can't simply re-lay brick and expect it to perform. You need to meet modern building code. (Same goes for stucco, siding, etc). If you fail to follow code you could have water and mold, poor workmanship with no recourse, or be fined heavily by the City.

If your home causes damage to anyone and you don't have a permit, you will be screwed if not dead because it killed you.


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It is hard. It requires effort, constant effort. If you are forced to work 1 awful job let alone 2 or 3 to provide food and shelter, what capacity do you have left to take care of your children? It's not an excuse, because in most cases having children is a choice. But it's the reality that our society forces people into. There are not enough well paying jobs for people to realistically support themselves and their families.

Absent parents (due to their own choices or societal flaws or a combo) routinely end up with children that have no moral guidance, no structure, respect for society, or their fellow citizens.

It makes sense how we get here, even if it's not acceptable. We need to help elevate people out of extreme poverty and overwork for their kids to have a better chance.


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I'm sure she will grow, but at her age when she was found she was supposed to already be 45-90 lbs.

"At Cróga’s age, loggerheads normally weigh 45 to 90 pounds, he said. She weighed about a pound when she washed ashore. Since then, she has gained about 1.7 pounds, nearly tripling her weight."


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I have these two comments saved from other users: "Don't just submit tips on the website. File actual complaints to force the agency to respond to them. This link explains how to file complaints, to whom, where, when, how, etc."


Report violations here:

Violations include salary not appearing on any job posting open to NYC residents, whether in person or remote. Includes perm and contract. Includes new hires and promotions/transfers. "