Masterpotato002 t1_je4o5pc wrote

Od'alko was sat on his favourite chair. 3 of his sets of arms were crossed. His left bottom most arm was resting on his chair support while Od'alko's head was resting on his right bottom most arm. All 6 million of his eyes were focused on the girl in front of him. Who was wearing the cheapest looking dress Od'alko had ever seen. The pink sparkle did only to hurt his eyes.

"I'll cut to the chase" Od'alko said. Which appears to have made the girl jump in fear.

"Your parents sold you to be my bride. They're currently on a flight to Hawaii." The girl grows sadder by every word Od'alko said.

"However. I am not the type to force companionship from others." Od'alko said as he walked closer to the girl.

"So take this" Od'alko used his top left most arm to grab a platinum card from the inside of his suit. And had it to the girl.

"What. What is this? Lord Od'alko?" The girl said with fear.

"Drop the "lord" part. And that is one of MY company's platinum cards. It connects directly to my bank. And anyone with a brain knows to not mess with you once you flash it. So have fun" Od'alko said before going back to his desk to look over his company's investments.

"Wait lord Od'a-"

"I said drop the "lord" part"

"Apologies. Od'alko. But why are you doing this for me? I know I am to be your bride but-"

"One. You're not my bride. I don't care what your parents said, I don't like forced companionships. And two, it is evident that you didn't have the easiest life. So why not let you enjoy it a bit."

"Oh I see."

"Well what are you still waiting here. Go enjoy your desires."

"Actually the thing I want c-c-Can't be filled with just money..."

"Oh? Then what else can I do to help?"

Within half an hour the pair were at a McDonald's.

"I must say." Od'alko said taking a bite from his burger. "I would not have guessed you wanted a companion to eat at this fast food establishment."

"This is like a dream" the girl said taking bites from her burger, fries, nuggets and ice cream.

"Pace yourself. The food will not disappear"

The girl looked at Od'alko's meal. "Are you sure you don't want more Mr Od'alko?"

"Oh no there's no need. I don't require much food. You however, look like your do for a second round "

The girl looked down to notice how all the food she had ordered was almost gone. "I. I didn't notice"

Od'alko chuckled to himself. "It's always good to have a healthy appetite. Wait here I'll order seconds"

As Od'alko walked away to order someore food, the girl couldn't believe how lucky she was. To get away from her parents. To meet such a kind person. And to be able to eat such good food. The girl started crying tears of joy.

Almost instantly Od'alko heard and rushed over. "Are you ok? Are you injured?"

The girl shaked her head. "No. I just can't believe how luck I am to meet you Mr Od'alko"

Od'alko signed "there there child. There's no reason to cry. After all, the night is still young. And you have a credit card to max out"