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Used to live down the street from a guy that had a pot belly pig. He had a big yard for it to wander/waddle. . It would occasionally escape and let out the loudest shrieks when he humanely tries to coral it. Sounded like it was being eaten alive but really just didn't want to listen.


MathMaddox t1_jat9heu wrote

Too complicated for me. 3v3 for 10mins and a massive penalty for playing it safe (no points) should end most games.

Also none of this BS of playing for a point late in the season or teams not being able to catch up after their rival lost four straight but got 3 loser points.


MathMaddox t1_jarj568 wrote

The bruins player generated 21 points last night (goals + assists) but received 2 team points (1 win).

There can be two assists per goal, so a total of 3 "player" points possible per goal (1 for goal +2 assists). You may see a "+/-" stat. This is the number of points generated while on the ice. A negative number means you were on the ice when the other team scored more often then when your team scored.


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Well, the Sox have been terrible recently. The Pats are middling at best right now and the Celtics have had their ups and down.

It's funny because if you listen to sports radio around here its almost always doom and gloom. For instance, according to the radio, the Bruins will be terrible soon and they shouldn't have stocked up for this year.