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I don’t understand how, you bought land from someone, so it’s no longer their land. It has restrictions on the deed, because the prior land owner put them there, but he no longer owns the land. One would think that you could have the restrictions removed considering he’s no longer involved. Seems a bit on side of being crazy.


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Good luck, they won’t listen or care. I am hearing from so many people that their electric bill has jumped $1000. Our oldest has an $800 electric bill and has no idea why. I’m wondering how many people have smart meters? There was a huge debate about them years ago.


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I lived in Redbank in the 60’s (born and raised) and then again in the late 70’s. During that time, I never knew it to be rough. As kids we ran around the village playing games. But i do remember at some point after the 80’s it did have its low periods.


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We have a Nissan Rogue, with all weather tires, it handles fine. Can’t go barrel assing down the road but I’m 62f and have driven it in the snow. Though if I had the money…I’d get another RAV4.