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So before Elm City Games was a thing, I used to do board game brunch at Rudy’s which was always a fun vibe and a monthly (or weekly?) thing at Three Sheets. It’s kind of a hike from Wooster Sq though. Overall any bar with food vibes will be chill so long as it’s not at night when they’re busy with bar stuff.

Close to Wooster specific suggestions… Trinity booth side. Firehouse has a couple tables that can work depending on the game (and low key one of the best kitchens in the city). Mediterranea. Blue Orchid I haven’t done anything at since they took over the space but they seem super chill and probably would be into it.

Armada is chill but while it’s close enough, it’s a bit of an unpleasant walk so you may or may not be into it.

Bummer info about Wooster Sq… no bars. But it’s close enough that I can easily walk from my place a block from the park to whatever downtown, so there are plenty of options within easy walking.


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Preference isn’t the issue. Killing/hurting someone walking when you run them down on a bike because you’re too selfish to care about the people around you is.

It’s really not hard to take some responsibility. If you don’t feel safe riding where you’re supposed to the solution isn’t to make other people less safe, it’s to remove yourself from the situation.


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I haven’t owned a car in a long time and ride everywhere and it’s great, but yeah, drivers are fucking bonkers out there.

I just assume the car is going to do whatever the worst thing is and plan accordingly and do alright. The flip side is that being comfortable and assertive on busy streets is also key some of the time. Knowing how and when to shift between the two is probably the best skill to develop.


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Actually you’re not free to just say whatever you want, this isn’t the public square and we aren’t the government. But far outside of your needless negativity, spamming your complaints in every comment thread is a great way to get banned no matter what you’re saying. Consider yourself warned, please stop spamming every thread.


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I could go into more details on it all but the short is that for the half block in question the traffic study has been done for “permanent” closure (like Broadway in the city) and those issues are satisfactorily addressed. For example, there are no doors beyond the range of to code fire truck access from the ends of the closure.

A hybrid approach is still much cooler than nothing and I’m so happy to have it, but going full closure stops it from being a street in need of any services like plowing so a lot of the issues stop being a thing when it’s treated as a plaza.


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This attitude is exactly why we don’t have better and cheaper public transit. I’ll take whatever I can for free but refuse to contribute to any sort of common good if it isn’t an obvious immediate direct benefit…


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A slight bit more convenience for people from outside the city driving through, assuming one of the handful of spots directly in front of your destination is even available at any given time, seems like a bad trade off for the significant positive impact outdoor spaces and closures have on everyone actually living and working in and around the neighborhood.

Walking a couple blocks to get where you’re going is pretty normal city parking. But turning that parking space right in front of Arethusa into nice outdoor seating is going to make a lot more people happy and do a lot more for the neighborhood.


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I’ve been fighting this for years now over on Orange St. One of the minor (minor, minor) silver linings of Covid was getting the approval for some closures at least temporarily. I’ve been trying to get everything lined up for a permanent situation but it’s really herding cats with all the different entities involved.

The thing that gets me the most is the snow removal bullshit though. We can’t turn this street into a permanent closure because we need to plow it because it’s a street… cool.

Unequivocally having that closure on our block has been a boon to businesses and created a much better sense of community with everyone having places to hang out.


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If you parked on one of the listed emergency routes you’ll still get towed even if there isn’t a residential ban. See the link above for what falls under what zone.

If you got towed and weren’t in a zone, you probably got towed for something else.


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Ugh, 2 shill posts in a week for me… check out Elm City Games. We have new players all the time in our organized public games. If you want to do an intro session as a group we can arrange that as well. All of this costs money though, so may or may not be the right fit for you.


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It’s a topic of discussion, takes some effort to get master posts like this organized so we haven’t yet but I totally agree!

My look on the bright side is that it’s cool so many people are constantly looking to move here and get the scoops.


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Start looking early. There are rentals all the time, but a big chunk of them are summer turnover due to school calendar. We have one of the lowest vacancy rates in the country so it can get competitive. If you’re looking for an apartment building vibe it’s a little easier, but if you want a house or a unit in a two family or whatever having help will be huge.

Try talking to Dallas Davis or Mie-Sara Lai for a realtor.


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I feel like a shill so forgive me*, but I talk about third place theory a lot and it’s the driving force behind Elm City Games. Community vibes, BYO, and games are inherently social; I think we do a pretty good job of it.

(*I’m only even responding myself cause I’m such a nerd I got excited to talk about third place theory…)


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Edit: we’re open again as of Friday morning! Boiler is running and we’re inspected and clear. Yay!

(I’m gonna repost what I just put in another thread…)

Thankfully the damage was minimal, right now the hold up is getting the repairs/new boiler inspected and signed off on. We should be back at it in a day or two. Hopefully.

It certainly sucks, but we’re just so happy no one got hurt and the damage wasn’t crazy. Things could have been way way worse, and being closed for a week isn’t that bad in context. Plus everyone has been so kind and supportive, from the gaming community to neighbors to the fire department and everyone else, we’ve gotten so many good vibes.