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I can't imagine anyone having heard of this movie without having heard of the backstory -- heck, the movie itself bragged about this inspiration in the opening scene IIRC.

I got into the movie as a teen when, pretty much out of nowhere, they decided to release a PS2 game on the IP, and I fell in love with the hammy B action and ridiculous outfits that looked like they belonged at a dragshow moreso than a gang war.


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Organoids are many decades away from being able to replicate whole systems well enough to supplant animal models, and I say that as someone who worked on an organoid system in his PhD, so I'm not sure how I feel about this regulation.


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Sure, but they're fully aware of what they're doing, so that mental illness in no way excuses them.

Anyone who kills, tortures, or rapes is mentally ill on some level, but that doesn't qualify for an "insanity defense" unless their mental illness meets certain criteria, e.g. being incapable of understanding the consequences of their actions.

Similar situation with a pedophile: sure, he must be mentally ill on some level, but he's aware of his actions and deserves to be executed as far as I'm concerned.

And quite frankly, if someone is so ill that they're hardwired for an uncontrollable urge to molest children, then that's an equally dambing proof that they have no right existing in a civilized society.