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Strange because the people behind the one DNA test say that it doesn’t prove that Jefferson was the father..

There were 13 potential Jefferson’s that could claim paternity for the one tested descendant, and a very strong candidate is Thomas Jefferson’s brother Randolph.


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> If I meet someone with my great-grandmother’s maiden name as a last name, I know to avoid mating with them.

That far removed, and that being the only familial connection, you would very likely be fine. Unless your great-grandmother also happened to be her own aunt/cousin, I guess.


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I still remember watching an old Ninja Warrior (long before it went American) episode starting from the initial tryouts where it’s a bunch of weird dorky Japanese dudes in costumes and then in comes this swole white Merchant Marine who surprised everyone and made it close to the grand finale before literally brute forcing himself across a ravine with a pole in a manner that technically disqualified him (despite finishing).

That was when I realized that Merchant Marines were on a different level


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> I've always wondered why, if the alien was smart enough to mimic/occupy a human, why it just didn't communicate that way and say "take me to your leader" or some such.

"This thing doesn't want to show itself, it wants to hide inside an imitation. It'll fight if it has to, but it's vulnerable out in the open." - Macready

It's too scared to do that, and it knows it can win if it hides successfully in people.


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I somewhat agree and disagree with this assessment. Longtime fans would have rooted for the two Norwegians seen in the beginning of the 1982 movie, except only one is really shown at a decent length. I agree that they should have had more character development in that direction.

But I think having the Norwegians be separate from the main characters, in a suspicious way as they mumble to each other in a foreign language, was an interesting take on it. The language gap was a realistic barrier.

Edit: Also I made this comment before opening the actual conversation so I didn't know you commented on the language barrier above, though that was in reference to the 1982 movie.