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Dude I'm 31 I'm not going anywhere near a school lol sorry. I'll take my chances elsewhere than accosting random teenagers asking if there parents grow 🙄 And I don't know any cultivators or caregivers or anyone for that matter I have a very small circle because I'm a recovered addict, I wiped the slate clean and I don't talk to any of my old "people" even the ones who grew and smoked bud, because almost everyone ended up on dope


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Hey guys I'm in NH near the southern border to both Maine and mass. Anyone know of any cheap rec dispensaries that are new Hampshire friendly ? Right now I'm paying pretty hefty prices in Berwick Maine, would love to find some cheaper alternatives you just can't always trust Google or Weedmaps, it's better to hear it from people


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Where? what's the name of the dispensary?. And you don't need a medical card? I'm a stones throw from both elliot and Kittery. Right now I go to Kind farms in Berwick, People keep trashing me on here for my prices but nobodies throwing out dispensary names let's hear some places then. If you can find me a recreational dispensary that sells $150-200 ounces, to residents with NH licenses, that isn't trim, shwag or popcorn nugs, then I will genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart because you will be saving me about $400 a month. If not, then please keep your opinions to yourself, we all do what we gotta do to get by. So far the best recreational prices I've found are at kind farms, so if you can do me better please by all means


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Yup I 100% agree. And a perfect point is this. How many arrests stem from the car "Smelling like weed" thus initiating either a K9 or a search. If that was mute, and they could no longer use that as a tool to search and arrest it would completely shift the paradigm of traffic policing in my opinion.


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No thanks, the only thing right now that would benefit me from NH legalizing besides obviously the legal aspects of it, is growing home grown. I have a Maine dispensary right across the border in South Berwick literally 10 minutes from my house, amazing quality bud for good prices. Ill just border hop dispensaries for now, fuck moving to Maine though they absolute Hard R you with Tax


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I used cannabis to get off Benzodiazapines, when I told my doctor I wanted to use Recreational cannabis to taper off the prescribed benzos he not only threatened to terminate me as a patient but report me to my insurance !! It was all so I'd stay with him as a patient and not go off and self medicate with cannabis, the whole system is so fucked, but anorher person who commented is right big pharma does have a lot to do with it because if people knew you didn't need ADHD meds, anxiety meds, pain meds, sleeping meds, meds to make you hungry, meds to help your nausea. Cannabis can alleviate all of these symptoms, and can take the place of a Host of pharmaceuticals, which then your money doesn't go to doctors offices, insurance companies and pharmacies. 1 trip to the dispensary can take the place of thousands of dollars in medical bills and prescription and insurance costs to get different medications


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I'm like 99% sure those people are homeless because of Fentynal and Meth, not Cannabis dude, I honestly hope you're just trolling, for your sake 😅


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Yeah it's clearly trash 🙄 with 92 upvotes and counting. Actually this post got way more of a reaction than I anticipated, glad I'm not the only one who's passionate about this topic


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Maybe I want to grow my own per the 6 plants per household rule. Maybe I don't want to have to spend $150 every 2 weeks at a dispensary when I could literally just grow my own. It's more than about just access to cannabis, anyone can "get weed" being able to legally grow my own safely in my own home without fear of the DEA ramming my door down and shooting my family over some plants


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Sorry guys I know I probobly sound crazy it's just so Infuriating. Im reading the story thinking "woah, cool maybe NH will actually do it this time" but sure enough that same police chief from Bedford is like right there waving his fist saying how bad legalization would be for society. Coming from a literal 80 year old who was born during the fuckin Triassic period. Of course he thinks cannabis is the spawn of Satan that's how they were all brainwashed in the 60s & 70s so the government would have a reason to arrest poverty stricken minorities. There's nothing wrong with cannabis, it's not dangerous it's not a threat to public safety. These old timers are just blowing steam out of there asses because it's all they've ever known. Maybe the thought of legalizing pot really does scare them because they genuinely think it's a bad drug, even though literally 20 states have legalized cannabis for adult recreational use and seen virtually 0 increase in crime or addiction rates. The proof is there, Sununu and his State reps just don't want to admit it