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I tend to view it all as building blocks towards the long arc of the return of the Mandalorians which is probably going to ultimately end with Din uniting the scattered Mandalorians and restoring their status in the galaxy.
The problem is the show is kinda running at a saturday morning cartoon pace and there are only 8 episodes per season.


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Hamill had two readings that felt like perfect culminating moments for the Joker. Joker saying "That's...not...funny..." as well as Joker grumbling "Don't you DARE laugh at me." to Terry.


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Has it really been worse in terms of plot though? Season 1 basically didn't have a plot until the last 2 episodes. Season 2 was basically the two bopping around until they found a jedi.
If anything, this seems like the only season that's appropriately building towards some sort of long arc. And considering I thought the trip to the Mandalore waters was going to be the entire season (based on how slow the first 2 seasons moved through plot), I'm glad it's kinda progressing along.
Execution hasn't been perfect though.


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Yep. You have a good handle on Penguin when he's done right.
Plus, I'll add, the general theme of Batman's early years is things just escalating and getting worse. Batman is gonna take a lot of wins but there are gonna be a lot of tradeoffs in the process that aren't necessarily beneficial for the city. The mob will fall but at least they had order. Penguin likes order and is one foot in the old mob way of things and one foot, reluctantly, in with the freaks.


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The Michael Emerson Brady Bunch episode and Burt Reynolds is God episode in season 9 weren't too bad. I liked the William episode too.
I actually thought season 8 had some solid mythology episodes (that season 9 kinda retroactively made worse by muddying up the alien replicant plot into supersoldier bullshit). Plus, Vienen was a very solid black oil story that was basically the only time the show teamed up Mulder and Doggett.


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Keith Carradine was the main cop's father in season 1. In season 2, the main law enforcement character is the younger version of that character played by Patrick Wilson. And another character ends up being a minor head gangster from season 1. Several characters from season 1 return at the very end in a brief flashforward. Season 3's main connection was bringing back one of the characters from season 1. And season 4 includes an origin story for an antagonist in season 2.
Adding to that, the first season connects to the movie as well via the case of money.
The connections never really matter to the plot but do somewhat make the world all feel a bit more connected.


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End of season 8 (around when Logan returns, maybe a little before that) is arguably the strongest arc the show has imo. The problem is the first 14-16ish episodes are among the show's weakest.
Season 5 is my favorite season followed by 2 and then 1. I actually like season 4 a bunch though. Instead of 1 threat, they just keep moving onto new threats. Completely ridiculous but pretty enjoyable. It had some all time great Jack moments too, especially when he saves Audrey and Heller.
6 is my least favorite despite a strong first 4 episodes and my favorite fight of the series (Jack vs. Fayed).
Season 3 does get infinitely better when Saunders enters the picture as probably the show's best version of a dark mirror of Jack Bauer with a lot of lines that foreshadow Jack finally snapping in season 8.
I probably rank it 5, 2, 1, Live Another Day, 4, 3, 8, 7, 6.