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Weird. 5 Wednsday posts in the front page of this subreddit but no one accusing any of these posters as being shills.
For the record, I'm all for people posting about shows they are positive about. It just seems like certain shows have a crowd of people are ready to pounce on and attack people for enjoying things.
And for the record: Jenna Ortega is quickly becoming a generational horror actor. She's on a roll.


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Season 3 gets shit for that 6 episode pod that dropped in the fall before it came for am uninterrupted run in the winter. On a week to week basis, the locked in cages storyline didn't go well. But once that season started going, they just started resolving a lot of the backstop mysteries and basically gave the audience a ton of payoffs and set up new interesting plots. 3 is my favorite season, imo.


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And then we have Tanhaus narrating:
>We trust that time is linear. That it proceeds eternally, uniformly. Into infinity. But the distinction between past, present and future is nothing but an illusion. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are not consecutive, they are connected in a never-ending circle. Everything is connected.

It certainly heavily telegraphed where it was going from the get go while it didn't literally get there until episode 2's ending. Whether you knew it was coming is on each individual audience member interpreting that as the show laying down its thesis or if it was more symbolic.

As for (the also excellent) 1899, I'd finish the season and come back since there are a lot of things in the back-half you might get spoiled for yourself here.


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Terrible article. This article is just about how the author is sick of the genre. It just lists a bunch of true crime shows coming out and with a theme of it all being too much. Whatever. If you don't enjoy it or find it exploitative, don't watch it. Views matter and they'll gladly misinterpret your hate views for interest. This genre will eventually tire itself out and they'll stop making them once they no longer become as profitable. I'm over the genre but it seems like plenty of people aren't yet.
Seriously, this article is literally saying nothing. Unfortunately, click-bait articles with nothing of substance is no where near reaching a tipping point.
Do better, Hollywood Reporter.


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Counterpoint though. Lex Luthor. Justice League wildly changed up his status quo a few times. His first appearance rocked his status quo as a billionaire philanthropist and CEO. He gets exposed, loses everything, and has cancer for the next few seasons. Forms an Injustice League. Actually finally goes to prison. Eventually gets a pardon. Pretends to be an upstanding citizen for a bit and runs for President but it's all a ruse to become a god. Achieves it via Brainiac. Then after being separated, suffers from hallucinations. Joins the Legion of Doom, slowly becoming pissed off on how it's run, shoots the head of the Legion at point blank in a meeting (becoming its leader). Then he fights in a Legion of Doom civil war, revives Darkseid, and ultimately sacrifices himself to save Superman and the planet from Darkseid while kinda achieving his goal of being 'beyond human.' Not all of these are dark changes to the status quo but they kept this character on an actual arc once they brought him over from STAS into JL and JLU.