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Yeah, that's not the only thing you said though. You made blanket claims. See the previous post of mine where I pointed a couple of these instances out. You are trying to backpedal those statements now.


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If that's your question, you clearly don't understand what I'm saying.

The vast majority of teachers do understand the material. You had some weird bad luck and that's the end of it.


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You never once mentioned the words "personal" or "opinion".

Here are some exerts from your posts:

>Permafrost always reminds me of how broken the education system can be. ​

>The problem is that the education degree has very little to do with the subject matter being taught...Yet we have almost none of the basic subject matter in the training for those tasked with training our kids. It's silly ​

Seems awfully universal to you in these posts my guy.


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My point was that your experience is completely anecdotal yet you claim it as fact. If your school was ranked well, then you got bad teachers in an otherwise good school. Assuming all teachers are improperly trained and dumb is just plain ignorant.


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Maybe your school was just bad? I don't know what to tell you. Your anecdotal experience differs wildly from mine.

I assume you're happy with what teachers are paid as well based on this "analysis"

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Maybe? I have never really mentioned quantity or what it is in the marketplace today. My comment is about the long term. They are not built to last. Teslas in general were a status symbol and they aren't anymore. The luster has wore off and people see them for what they are, now that other options exist.