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Denny’s is always open on Christmas. There are probably some other large chain restaurants open too. You should also be able to grab some Chinese takeout or maybe Indian. Take care, it is tough being all alone on Christmas.


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Just to add: Not only is metro north cheaper, there is way more flexibility in schedule. More trains per hour, and you don’t have to buy the ticket in advance, so you are not locked into a certain schedule. If you aren’t ready to leave at 7pm, just take the 8pm instead, etc.

I usually drive to Milford and take the train from there (there is free parking on the weekends). I don’t know anything about the Hartford line because I’m not up there, but it sounds like a reasonable option. I only take Amtrak when I am going to the airport (Newark or Boston)- for that, it is a lot easier than navigating the commuter trains.


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Wow I did not think of that but it makes sense. I’ve heard about all the antibiotic shortages as well. There sure is a lot going on right now.

I hope that you and your daughter feel better soon.


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I’ve heard that it’s been brutal this year. Hope you feel better soon.

For future reference (maybe you already know this): if you are exposed to the flu or catch it, you can ask your doctor about prescribing tamiflu. It really helps but I think you have to start it within 48 hours of getting sick.


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COVID is similar to a cold for some people, still knocking others off their feet. I know people who had seemingly mild cases but are still struggling with long-term effects. Yes, it is absolutely worth testing when you have symptoms of a virus. Clearly OP thought it was worth testing, too, because they said elsewhere in this thread that they were negative.

Not the answer you are looking for, but yes, I would test myself for the common cold if it were possible. Just because it’s not killing hundreds of people a day doesn’t mean I want to pass it on. It would be good to know if I had a virus vs. something non-contagious.


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Ragweed and mold are possible contenders through the fall. It could also be a cold or other virus. It seems like a lot of people are getting COVID right now too, so you should take a test if you haven’t already.