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Yes you could do that... However, remember when satellite navigation was new and in the news there were drivers ending up in lakes and what not saying "sat nav told me to go straight on, so I did! Not my fault!" - if you do something electrically and it kills someone "chatgpt told me to do that!" is not an excuse.

There are books and online resources to look up every code, practice and how to implement it, an ai to assist might be fun but definitely don't rely on a chat model.


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I'm a white, straight male, but I'm an atheist... I wouldn't go there either so, I hope you take this in good spirit "neither of us pass there".

Plus I'm English, everyone hates us anyway lol. Here's life on hard mode, we both travel there, I'll wear some obnoxious atheist stuff on a tshirt, and you travel as my unmarried date.. Recon we could talk our way out of it?


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>She expected her autonomy

Why would she do that knowing where she's travelling, that's stupid. Know the dangers of where you're going, what she did is like swimming with sharks whilst covered in blood.

>just as it would be in any western society.

Narator: it isn't a western society, see even you have the problem I just described above and said it was hilarious.. It really is.

>Try getting that through that skull of yours.

Are you... Mentally compromised?


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You haven't lived until you've accidentally eaten your own head by gurning with the force of a billion sun's.

"... You... You alright mate? You look fucked up"

"I'm good bro... Reeeeaaaal good"