Max_minutia t1_jabbjat wrote

Of coarse! Are you? You propose a silly notion like not using sex to sell things. Good luck with that. Even in the middle east men ogle over seeing ankles. Specifically because its part of the little amount of skin they can see. So it gets fetishized and turned into a point of objectification. The solution is thereby easy. Make nudity so commonplace it becomes unimportant. There’s a reason why indigenous tribes don’t starve to death from their men staring at their women all day instead of hunting. But you go ahead and try selling what you are selling. It only hasn’t worked ever.


Max_minutia t1_jaaso2r wrote

True. Ideally it wouldn’t be a feature. The crazies that believed breasts lead to satan and the pervs that need a drool cup whenever there is cleavage would destroy each other like matter/antimatter and then whenever it got hot out everywhere would became topless. MBBA. Make Boobs Boring Again !