Maxcactus OP t1_ix7wozq wrote

When a teenager with a gun wants to kill another teenager with a gun what would the mayor do? They got their guns because of federal laws and a huge gun industry. If the community, church, parents or schools haven’t developed that 16 year old what would the mayor tell him that he hasn’t heard before? Let’s say more money is needed for education and mental health programs the mayor of a poor city doesn’t have a printing press.


Maxcactus OP t1_ix7oohx wrote

The people killing their rivals, family members, girlfriends, robbery victims, innocent bystanders… never take politician compensation into consideration when they point that gun. People that kill are not deterred by police budgets or how many cops there are. When someone kills they think that they will get away with it or it all happens so quickly that no thinking occurs at all. Rich people and poor people kill.

What we know is that most people that kill are young men with guns. That is where to start.