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I think you are asking all the wrong questions.

I worked in banking for 20+ years. Comparing yourself to others is pointless. Your lifestyle will vary and almost everyone lies when it comes to finances. People never tell you their entire financial picture.

I have seen single moms on 35k a year own their own home. I have seen no kids two income couples barely survive on 150k.


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I have never heard anyone call it those two things. I have had family living there for decades.

It’s a very average town, but gets a bad reputation. The school system is fine. It could be better but you can get a good education if your kid tries and just stays away from the bad crowd.


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I okay. So did a little research on this company.

Which is likely?

  1. Arson which you would need a massive corporate conspiracy, payoffs and hope your insurance company doesn’t catch on. Plus overall increase in premiums regardless. Overall barely effecting bottom line. This seems like small potatoes for them.


  1. Sketchy ass farm company that has been sued and citied over numerous issues including health, safety and price gouging having lax safety standards that led to the operation burning down.

I’m going to go with the non Hollywood plot. :)