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It's useless because no government agency allows the users of their devices to install that kind of stuff in the first place, but i guess this law probably gives teeth to prosecute if they do. But in general no one is installing shit on government devices unless they are explicitly told to


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Yes, many, and have had plenty of government issued equipment (GFE - Government Furnished Equipment). It's security 101 to never download shit on them. You can get fired for even plugging a usb device into a government computer, or hooking govt phone up to a computer. Anyone who has worked anywhere near a government job knows this.


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Yeah, this is one of those pointless Bills that solve non-existent problems. No one is downloading any apps on government devices that aren't related to their job or preapproved. If they do they'll get in trouble.


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>An indirect rollover is when money is sent to you from the first IRA trustee, and you send the money plus any taxes withheld to the next IRA trustee. This is the term you've been using.

Are you saying I just include the amount withheld in taxes from my own momey when depositing the check I got?

And, presumably, I get that money back when completing my taxes at the end lf the year?

I just don't want to lose $4400 for just moving my retirement from a predatory company like Edward Jones to my own account.