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The problem with some solutions is they cause more problems than they solve.

Seaweed was one of those solutions we we forced to look at in Environmental Science 301.

It’s not that seaweed is bad it’s that on a large scale it starts to cause more issues than It solves. Always aim to do less harm than more :)


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As people have said, it’s most likely in the few 100k range. We are getting close enough to gene editing that it may be less. We’re also getting close to ova fusion so we could theoretically get rid of the Y chromosomes as well soon—and create something like a Utopia free of toxic masculinity or needless violence, suffering, crime, etc…


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I mean… the west was perfectly fine with Serbia trying to take over Croatia in the 90s (in case you weren’t alive then) Just saying.

But in all realities when Russia finally does use Nukes because of what the West is doing (Ukraine wants to bomb Moscow and has advocated for a Nuclear strike on Moscow). They have also tried to escalate things by bombing Poland.

I love how some Americans are ignorant of the Cold War and just after. Let alone Ukraine and how they sided in WW2 and never seemed to change course after the Cold War.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t has some rights… but they didn’t want to join NATO decades ago. Now they want to start Nuclear War. I don’t know if I’m okay with sending plenty of weapons to a power that is actively advocating for Nuclear strikes on another country and were before the invasion.


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Didn’t Queen sing it best?

“Who wants to live forever?”

But on a real note, memory storage isn’t forever. We may think of it as forever. But tapes stored under ideal conditions only last 20 or so years without degradation.

The same goes for many of the things we would think of as possible routes towards eternal life. They all decay relatively quickly (200-500) years of max viability under ideal conditions.

You up the conditions and the time table quickly degrades.


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Despite the cringe form my community (coders)… it may actually keep or maintain coding jobs.

It sounds counter intuitive but AI isn’t great at unsupervised ML. I know that plenty of people would disagree… but it’s really true.

Moreover, let’s say an AI designs a more efficient rail system (ChatGPT says it can’t create new things well as is the case with most AI hence the bad at Unsupervised ML) there would still be people needed to build the infrastructure of the rail system.

The jobs that AI will directly create will most likely be in the tech sector or by people specifically educated to use it in the best way. (supervise/build/maintain repositories)