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and Britannia just got removed from my "to watch" queue.

These tv producers still don't seem to get it. Cancelling a show on a cliffhanger absolutely guts future streaming value. Nobody is going to want to start watching a show that they know ends with "hey audience, fuck you for watching".

The solution is not just easy, it's trivial. Don't write goddamn cliffhanger season finales. it's literally that easy. Or, if you literally don't know how to not do that because your writers are pretentious hacks, then commit to at least one wrap up episode.

Or just turn your entire production into a sunk cost and write it all off, whatever I dont' care. But when you wonder "why doesnt' our amazing new show get more viewers?" THIS is why. people are waiting to see if you fuck it up before investing their time in it


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Tales of the Walking Dead episode “Blair, Gina,” 

It put a fresh and thoughtful look at the 'groundhog day' premise. I felt like I was watching the idea for the first time, and it seamlessly meshed into established Walking Dead canon.

And that's all bullshit. It was a "hey let's do groundhog day" with no concern for making sense, explaining why, no concern for the utter rejection of established universe, nope... It was basically a "very special episode of Blossom" where Blossom gets pregnant, had an abortion, and it's just never mentioned again.


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Music has changed so much in the recent decades.

You used to be able to expect a new album from a popular artist every year or so. two albums in a calendar year was not uncommon at all...they wrote, they recorded.

Now 5 years or more between albums is just normal. it sucks.


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any SciFi fan is cheating themselves if they haven't read the Golden Age authors; Arthur C Clark, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein

there's plenty more than are considered Golden Age, but these are the holy trinity.


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The Shield gets my vote.

The pilot spends the entire episode setting up Vic Mackey as a hard nose cop, trying to balance keeping drugs of the streets with being a good father, then hits you in the face with another side of the coin at the end


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I thought that was the one stand out message that Clarkston beat the drum on over and over, how unrealistically burdened farmers are with bureaucracy and regulations. And how shockingly little return there is in the investment.

He even said something like "if I can barely make a go with Grand Tour money, what hope does any farmer have?". The show is basically a love letter to the British farmers