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Unfortunately they are chasing tennis balls up in the foreverland, I’m not ready yet to jump back in that pool but I will be soon. That said, great advice and will make a great gift for literally all my neighbors, brother and sister puppy husky with some wolf (I do t like that, but that’s a different story) brother and brother Bernese mtn/ poodle mix, the goofiest Labrador in the history of goofy labs, and a Yorkie that likes to party with all of them which is ridiculous. I should start documenting the insanity.


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Sure, it’s possible and happens. You will find family dollar, dollar gen, etc… in nice areas, but if it’s a bit rural, a bit rough, you won’t see a Costco. I’m not even sure why I used that as a point of reference, but dammit, I’m sticking to it.


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Even 10-15 years ago, you didn’t see that. Both of their company values and stock prices are an indication of their growth. See a Costco? You are in a nice area, don’t see shit but dollar gen or family dollar? You are in poor town. Dollar General is at 228.00 per share, I’m not a broker but that’s definitely an indication of where we are headed.


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The newfy feared vacuums, the golden didn’t care at all, you had to make her move to vacuum. Also, the newfy was 165lbs at her biggest and was afraid of everything, blowing leaf? Run. Rabbit? Run. Squirrel, yep- run. But would swim all day long in the summer and lounge in a pile of snow in the winter all day. I live on a lake in UNY so she got both. RIP you big beautiful black bear.


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As someone who has travelled the country off the beaten path (generally avoiding interstates) since the pandemic I have discovered you can get a solid idea of a town based on “family dollar” “dollar general” stores. I have been through towns where they were literally across the street from each other. I did not stop in those town, except for a quick Waffle House refill. Edited for spelling and grammar.


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Pedigree is a quality product, when I had big dogs I fed them “small crunchy bits” their entire life, then throw in a can of wet and mix it up they would go nuts. Source- former owner of Newfoundland and a golden at the same time, Now let’s talk about vacuums….. edit for grammar and spelling.