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Temple has the 3rd largest non-profit endowment in the greater Philly area. Over $300M in savings, over $900M in securities, $2.3B worth of assets without any donor restrictions.

When we all start to recognize that THEY are the problem, the shootings will stop.

Oh…. You didn’t know this?! You didn’t understand that in the middle of poverty was billions of dollars where, literally a few hundred thousand could fix the problem?! Higher education is marvelous in this regard. Places where their students are taught dialectical materialism but they cannot apply it their own existence.


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And that’s the rub. It’s like a situation where you can ask “well, friend, explain to me her policy positions…” and then you get smashed with 30 downvotes…. Now, it essentially doesn’t matter what you say from then on out, you’re the troll.

I have gone down that rabbit hole a few times. And I’ll certainly do it again sometime.

Philly needs help. We need someone to push back on PD, Comcast, and the universities. These agencies and institutions have overall impact on the wellbeing of the city. We need her, if it’s her, to work on these things. Gun violence happens as a result of systemic issues. It’s a problem, but not to some of the residents. More cops means in 15 years, we have the same issues.

It’s just true…


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You’re right. This discussion probably would’ve gone much differently if we were all in person. I would’ve sounded clearer. I am sure most of the supposed supporters would’ve been far more overbearing than I.

But in this space, I think you’re right that I come off as a troll. The downvotes, whomever they are from, certainly assist in perpetrating the tone of my posts, however. I am not a troll, to be clear.

I just read her webpage and I all I can honestly see is more police. That makes me sad, honestly.


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Honestly, I know. But those who will read to the end will come to this point and hopefully ask the same questions:

This is a pivotal point in the city with respect to systemic issues. Some communities may be permanently ruined. She may be the one to fix these problems. We all need to request policy prescriptions. Not plans. Like, let us vote on what you will do.


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Now I’m interested in why people are going to such great lengths to defend this woman. A honest question in “what’s her policy” with legit zero responses, has gotten me thinking about this far more than I intended.

I need to hear about policy. Sorry for just asking questions.


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Just read the article and look at the policy prescriptions, or, lack there of.

Might be a sign of the times in politics that we can’t get anyone to stand up and say “we need more tax revenue from our giants” or “the police budget shouldn’t be the largest expenditure in the city if we have 500 shootings a year” or “let’s highlight the impact of the nonprofits not paying taxes” or “perhaps a soda tax supposed to generate money for childcare, half that money shouldn’t just be put back into the general fund” or “F the PPA”.

There’s No policy prescriptions anymore. It’s all “let’s evaluate….” Type stuff. We are selecting the best evaluator, I suppose. We need doers though, peeps.