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She clearly trusted you, perhaps was even flirting with you. Head in your lap, no qualm about being topless for a backrub...honestly dude, I'd set this night aside in your mind for a moment. Do you like this girl? Are you interested in dating her? If so, reciprocate that interest by asking her out to lunch, shopping, coffee, whatever. See where the conversation leads. Don't bring up the boob part or offer another backrub.

Both boys and girls struggle at this age, dropping hints but being scared to express their interest out loud. She could be hoping you notice and take the initiative.


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Just to respond to other comments - most people rarely use checks for day to day expenses. Our paychecks are direct deposited, and we pay our bills online or though our banking app.

Checks have their weaknesses, but at least your credit card number isn't being saved or harvested online. And you can be sure banks will call out a bad check. Credit card companies won't catch fraud for you and may not believe you if you claim unauthorized charges.

Yes, in America we often have to wait 2 days for checks to clear. It's because a lot of that processing and consolidation doesn't happen until banks are closed for the day. It's a system designed before the internet existed.


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A dead product? Absolutely not! We're constantly using Alexa to control lights, check the weather when we dress our kids for school, kitchen timers, getting alerts when a package shows up, etc.

What sucks is everyone expects their voice assistant for free. There's a ton of development time that goes into this stuff.

It wouldn't be unreasonable to charge a monthly fee for Alexa/Siri/whatever. I avoid all ads on all platforms, and literally tell Alexa to go to hell if she tries to sell me a product or service. A small monthly fee would be a fair trade off.


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Likely property taxes, but also shop around for new homeowners insurance. When I was with liberty Mutual they just seemed to crank it up a certain % each year. The replacement cost of your house goes up when cost of materials goes up. We found a more "rural" insurance company to help bring that down.


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The same reason a hat doesn't protect your head in a motorcycle accident. That's not the intent of the design. You need a helmet.

If you want to protect your hearing, you need physical cups that go over your ears and actually BLOCKS the sound waves. Noise cancelation can be added on top of it for a better experience. But it isn't going to do the job by itself. Noise cancelation isn't a force field.