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At best, you are extremely naive. The lesson to take from this is that your superiors at work are never on your side. If you find one that is, they are a unicorn. You shot the unicorn. The new boss is so hard on you because he knows what you did, and is trying to get you out before you can do it again.

Unless you want your colleagues to be fired, the only thing you ever say about them to the higher-ups is that their professionalism makes them a joy to work with and that they are indispensable to the company.


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I have arthritis in my hips, and this is pretty much exactly how I sleep (the pillows are stacked 2-3 high though). The trick (for me) is finding the exact right angle and amount of support for my legs (the pillows at my sides/under my arms just make me feel like I’m in a cozy little cocoon). This helps me, I hope it helps you too.


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I am male. Ergo anything I think, say, or do is inherently masculine. When I’d let my wife paint my nails, they were manly painted nails because they were attached to a man. If I drink a fruity mixed beverage, it is a manly beverage because a man ordered, paid for, and is drinking it. If I drive a Miata it… actually that is kinda girly, but I’ll do it anyway.


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>the need for human beings to matter to someone, and like their life has significance in the world.

This was exactly what drove a lot of my affection for my wife. Even when we were “just” friends, before we were together romantically, she made me feel like I mattered. Caring for her and attraction toward her were already present, but I think this was what turned those feelings into actual love.