Me_Krally t1_j0hmdbp wrote

Yup, I’ll take my living, breathing, real life animals and not cloned, genetically modified the way nature didn’t intended any day.

The real issue that none of you care about is once genetically grown meat takes hold there’s no going back.


Me_Krally t1_j0hbf1e wrote

And more server farms, casinos and Amazon warehouses.

How do I opt out please? I don’t want my food genetically created, it’s unnatural, subjected to nefarious modifications and even more price fixing then what’s currently going on.

I giggle at this part of the article: “don’t be misled by cartoons of happy cows with daisies protruding from their lips.”

I live in NY, home of the cow field. I’m sure they exist, but I’ve never seen anything like that before. It’s usually 70% land to chicken or cow or horse.