Meanderingversion t1_jabfzzg wrote

No, it fucking doesn't and hear me out, please...

Chips are referenced as flakes that fall off of something and infuriates everyone involved.

Fries are potatoes that are cut the fuck up in long, finger sized pieces, hopefully blanched and patted dry, before being fried to a deliciously awesome golden brown then salted until the doctors regret longing a less robust patient portfolio.

Chips are cut tf up in whatever way an unsettled person would chop a potato up with no supervision and recklessly dropped into lava oil with zero capacity to care, or want, that everyone around them survives.

My favorite recipes revolve around whatever the fuck I want to do with a potato before I get nice, then pepper, salt, olive oil and herb TF outta them before they're tossed into the oven, turned and made sure all sides are facefucktastic before letting them rest long enough to vaguely forget the previous torture they've been through, but subtly never let the horrors vanish from their souls.

Then, Bon Appétit.