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What’s killing news is the ability for companies like Sinclair to buy as many stations as they want, with no guarantee they’re actually telling people the truth when they report “the news”


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The use case that everyone is missing here is that with an advanced diffusion model, a future AGI will have the ability to see the world and understand what it is seeing. And hearing. And with point diffusion, it will understand what it’s touching, even with no vision.

We’ll have to come up with new captchas, for starters. As for the rest… can’t go down this rabbithole right now.


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You realize that many customer service jobs are going to be over, very soon, right?

Not that human input will completely go away in the customer service workflow, but it will be more like self checkout at home depot, where you have one person monitoring eight registers at once and can intervene in the event of an issue.

This tech will do the exact same thing for low level CS.