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Yes. We picked it up last week. I put a deposit in one last Saturday that was in transit. It was delivered to me on Thursday. Test drove, Genesis G80 electric, Kia and Hyundai twins, Mach E, Polestar 2. I really wanted a sedan not a SUV. The Genesis was surprisingly really great, but an $81k car being serviced by a Hyundai dealer scared me.

The M50 feels and looks like a real car and more importantly like a BMW.

Black Sapphire, Black Leather, Premium pack, parking pack, shadow line.


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Just bought an electric BMW. You do not pay NJ sales tax on on purchase. In addition, there are rebates in installing a home charger. Up to $1500 on install (not including cost of charger). An additional $5k available (up to) if they need to pull more power from pole.


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Check the state website, you probably need to make a complaint there. In addition, most corporations have an employee hotline for these types of complaints. I assume you have an employee handbook. Check there. Finally, They have been fined before here in NJ.