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Well I’ll disagree with you there, many treatment plants perform odor control and don’t smell nearly that bad. Inside the plant? Yeah sure stinks a little. An 1/8-1/4 mile from the plant? That’s unsat. And I’m talking I’ve worked at deer island in Winthrop and you can’t smell the plant if you’re in the parking lot of the place


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Honestly I live in Sturbridge, wife works in Southbridge, it gets a really bad rap but it’s honestly fine. There are some really nice areas, up by the airport, down by westville dam, really far south of the city center, there’s a lot to the town geographically.

Southbridge also has a lot to offer for amenities, they have a big Y, aubuchons hardware, consumer auto parts, a bunch of cheap gas stations, decent food (shout out to dynasty, fins and tails, metro bistro) and depending on what side of town you live on you could be on the pike or 20 in like 10 minutes.

Yeah downtown might not be the nicest place on the planet but Massachusetts has way worse towns.

Just do not buy a house within 1/2 mile of the sewer treatment plant. Idk what they got going on there but depending on the weather it is nauseating to be near it


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So I am a water treatment operator somewhere in Massachusetts (not going to disclose where for obvious reasons) and we aren’t able to strike at all. In fact any shutdown or wildcat strikes constitute not only termination but criminal charges.

It’s a crappy catch 22 to be in, being underpaid and undervalued and not having any actual resources to protest. Our union is a joke because what actual leverage do they have? Our negotiations typically go something like this

Union: ”we feel out members need a 9% raise to meet cost of living increases and to make sure we can attract qualified applicants”

Company: “ best I can do is 2%”

Union: grumbles “ok fine I guess”